Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How is that done?

Okay I have seen some amazing backgrounds on the blogs and was thinking to myself hmmm how is that done. If someone reads this can you help me please?


  1. i got my background at you go the the Blogger LOs. i was having a ton of trouble tho cause i kept getting an error code. this is what i found to help with that... when you see a part of the html code that says "b:widget='blahblah'1 add another 1 to make it a double digit. if it's a 2 add another 2, so on. i hope this helps and doesn't confuse ya more:) PM me if you like.

  2. I get mine at "The cutest blog on the block". Search their free backgrounds and click on one that you like and it will tell you how to put it on your blog. It is very easy. Here is the link:



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