Saturday, July 14, 2012

No papercrafting

I did the unthinkable, I ran out of ATG tape. I really need to get some more and in a hurry so I can craft. I am hoping to post some new pieces of "Art" in the next week or so showcasing out some of our new papers. I am so excited.


  1. dont know if you have ever tried this or not Keisha, but if it is something that you could glue and like a nice finish try making your own modge podge. elmers glue. empty the whole bottle in a small jar (like a salsa jar) and then put the elmers bottle and put water half way and swish it around and put it in the salsa jar and then you will have the very best glue and finish ever!!!!

  2. I never tried that, I think I might.

  3. oh no!!! running out of tape seems unthinkable to me because i buy about 20 rolls at a time but i ran out the other day too and had no where local to buy more :(

  4. Never again. I will be buying stock the next time lol.



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