Monday, April 9, 2012

Stamp Club

Hello all, I have put together a club with the help of my friend Dawn. The club will be three months in length. (April, May, June) The cost of this club is $23.00 a month.

What do I receive?

You will receive the a $6.95 stamp I will use for that month. In addition to this stamp, you will receive supplies ($10) (You will be using your own inks, blocks and other tools.)needed to complete each of the 4 cards for that month. Yes! You will be able to make 4 cards each month. $10 will cover the price of 4 projects, materials and instructions.
When is the money due?

Money is due to me by the fourteenth of that month and supplies will be to you by the end of the month
Can I order anything else?

Yes You can order any product you would like in the catalog in addition to your card club order. Plus if you order $50 worth (the cost of the club plus extras) it will count towards the stamp of the month and you will recieve that for $5 with a $50 order.
What happen if I want a different stamp than you will use?

Yes you are not required to get the stamp I am using for that month. BUT you will get the supplies and instructions to go with the stamp set that was chosen.

How much is tax and shipping?

Tax will be $1.05 and shipping will be $5.00 ( more if you live out of the states but would love you to join).

When does it start?

It starts in April. So the money is due April 14th to me.

Sounds interesting?
If so, please contact me at and I will send you out the rest of the information for you to join us.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.
Stamps I will be using:

A tulip



A Rainbow
Contact Information

If interested in purchasing a catalog you may email me or go to my blog to buy one on the left hand side. Thank you.

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